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Tips to Get the Most out of Your Thyroid Medications

Tips to Get the Most out of Your Thyroid Medications

Anytime you take in medication, you must maximize its benefits not only to save money but also to ensure your body is getting the treatment it needs. This is especially crucial for those taking thyroid medications since there are a lot of factors that affect the way it’s absorbed in the body.

So to ensure that you’re getting the maximum benefit of your thyroid medications, here are some tips.

  • Always take your thyroid medications in an empty stomach and don’t eat immediately after. At least wait for an hour or two before eating your meal.
  • Take note of the foods and supplements that can interact with your thyroid medications. Some of these foods include dairy products, caffeine, high-fiber foods, and soy-based products.
  • Take your prescription medications and thyroid medications at opposite ends of the day. For example, take your thyroid meds in the morning and take your prescription meds at night.
  • Try to take your thyroid medicine at the same time each day and set reminders to avoid missing a dose.
  • Buy only high-quality and genuine thyroid medications from a trusted pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey.

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