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Things That Make Thyroid Medications Less Effective

Things That Make Thyroid Medications Less Effective

You’re taking your thyroid medications religiously and follow the dosage instructions down to the tee. Then, why does it seem like your medications aren’t working as well as they should? If you’re in this kind of dilemma, here are common reasons that could explain why that’s happening.

  • You took your meds with vitamin supplements
    Supplements containing iron and calcium can interfere with the absorption of thyroid medications in your body. So if you’re taking these kinds of supplements make sure to take them at least one hour apart to avoid medication interactions.
  • You’re eating too much fiber
    Fiber is good for our digestion. But if you’ve been eating a fiber-rich diet while taking your medication without spacing out when you eat or take your meds, then it may be interfering with your body’s absorption of the thyroid medications.
  • Selenium deficiency
    Selenium deficiency is quite rare in adults, but when you do have it, the conversion of the thyroid hormone and overall function becomes compromised. Selenium dietary sources you can add to your diet are fish, nuts, and eggs.
  • You switched your thyroid medications
    If you’ve recently switched your thyroid medications, your body may not be absorbing or reacting to it as well as your previous medications. That’s why it’s recommended to stick to the medication that’s prescribed by your doctor. It’s also preferable to stick to one retail pharmacy when buying your meds.

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