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Should Medications Be Taken on an Empty Stomach?

Should Medications Be Taken on an Empty Stomach?

Before you leave the pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey after buying your medication, it’s a good idea to ask the pharmacist if that medicine should be taken on an empty stomach or before taking in any food. Remember, there are meds that you must take before you eat or on an empty stomach.

Why is that so? That’s because some foods and drinks can change the way your meds work if you consume them together.

How Can Food Affect How Your Meds Work

There are three ways that food can affect how your medications work. First of all, if you eat at the same time as you consume your meds, then there’s a possibility that your stomach and intestines cannot absorb your meds, thus rendering it less effective.

The second way is that it increases or decreases the dosage of your meds that goes into your blood. Know that some substances can be dangerous if they are too high. Otherwise, if it is too low, then it will just be less effective.

Lastly, some foods can neutralize the effect of your medication. If it’s neutralized, then it’s basically equivalent to you not drinking any medication at all.

General Rule

So, if you don’t know whether or not you should consume your meds before food or on an empty stomach, ask your pharmacist from a nearby retail pharmacy. However, as a general rule, you should take your meds on an empty stomach, around an hour before your meal or two hours after eating.

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