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Read Simple Lifestyle Changes to Manage Hypertension

Read Simple Lifestyle Changes to Manage Hypertension

When diagnosed with hypertension, you might feel worried about bringing your high blood pressure down. One of the contributing factors that lead to hypertension is your lifestyle and by being more health-conscious, you can effectively manage your condition. As a leading retail pharmacy, we’ve prepared a few simple lifestyle changes you can make to keep your high blood pressure levels under control:

  • Monitor your blood pressure
    Monitoring through a high-quality blood pressure monitor will help you keep tabs on your progress and alert your doctor of any potential complications. Many pharmacies offer similar medical supplies in New Jersey without a need for a prescription. Talk to your physician to determine how often you need to check your blood pressure at home.
  • Be mindful of the food you eat
    Reading food labels allows you to be mindful of the food you eat and increases potassium intake, which reduces tension in your blood levels. This will help you cut back on processed food which contains more sugar, salt, and refined carbohydrates that can increase your blood pressure levels.
  • Reduce caffeine intake
    Caffeine intake can lead to an acute increase in blood pressure when you’re not a regular drinker. To determine if it raises your blood pressure, check after 30 minutes of consumption. Talk to your physician on whether cutting back on caffeinated beverages is recommended for you.
  • Establish a healthy sleep schedule
    Poor sleep quality can increase your risk of hypertension. Setting a sleep schedule will give you adequate rest to help you relax better at night and lessen your stress levels to better manage hypertension.

As your trusted pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey, we at Hines Pharmacy offer medical supplies and medication to manage hypertension. For more information, give us a call today.

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