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Specialty Medications

Medication Assessment in Union City, New Jersey

capsule and medicineCertain medical diseases like chronic conditions require specialty medications. Since specialty medication can be costly to acquire and to store, most local pharmacies opt not to keep it in stock so people who need it have to look far and wide for them to find the medication they need.

You do not have to scour the seven seas for that specialty drug! Hines Pharmacy has them. Hines Pharmacy keeps one of the most comprehensive pharmaceutical inventories in the New Jersey area. We pride in having specialty medication ready in our storage rooms. With our state-of-the-art facility, you are sure that the specialty medications are stored properly with its effectiveness not affected.

If it is not available, we can help you locate where these medicines are available. We value the wellness of the community that we are part of. Let us help you. Call our Retail Pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey today at 201-348-2667.