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Prescription in Union City, New Jersey

Why Are Fake Online Pharmacies Dangerous?

If you’ve recently been buying most of your medical supplies in New Jersey online, make sure that you’re taking preventive measures to avoid being scammed – especially if you’re buying essential medications and prescriptions. After all, the dangers of getting scammed by a fake online pharmacy go beyond wasted money. It can also lead to … Continue reading

Beware of Fake Online Pharmacies During This Pandemic!

Enhanced community quarantines and city-wide lockdowns have led most people to rely on online shopping to buy their necessities. The same is true for people who need prescription medicines and other life-saving medical supplies in New Jersey. Unfortunately, some crooks have decided to take advantage of this situation by scamming people out of their hard-earned … Continue reading

Get Vaccinated Now!

With the world facing the coronavirus pandemic, vaccinations may be far from your mind right now. The fact that it’s spring right now may even add to your resolve; after all, we’re past the winter months when flu peaks now, right? Wrong. As a leading pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey, we at Hines Pharmacy, … Continue reading

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Manage Hypothyroidism Through these Essential Nutrients

Hypothyroidism affects 4.6% or 5 out of 10 of the U.S. population. This is a common condition characterized by the production of too little thyroid hormone in the thyroid gland which results in an underactive thyroid. The thyroid hormone is responsible for our body’s growth, metabolism, and energy. Thus, when the body’s levels of it … Continue reading

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Discover the Best Mind-Body Exercises for Seniors

As we age, our heart muscles become stiffer and our joints become less elastic, emphasizing the importance of regular exercise. Considering four out of five chronic health conditions can be prevented or managed with exercise, it’s unfortunate that only 28% of seniors are physically active. If you’d like to lead a more active lifestyle, Hines … Continue reading