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Prescription in Union City, New Jersey

Importance of Childhood Vaccination

Immunity is the ability of the body to fight off diseases. Having a strong immune system means you will be less likely to get diseases. This is why our pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey recommends you get your vaccine shots, especially for your children as well, to protect them from communicable diseases. It is … Continue reading

Extra Precautions for Certain Medications During Summer

Summer months are usually associated with fun outdoor activities. However, what many don’t know is that summer is also associated with decreased effectiveness in medications and medical supplies in New Jersey that aren’t stored properly. While it’s essential to store your medications away from hot and humid areas, some medications require extra care. Here are … Continue reading

Medication Safety Tips for the Summer Season

There are medications and medical supplies in New Jersey that do not interact well with high temperatures. While most drugs come labeled with the proper storage temperatures, many people are still unaware of the potential danger heat can cause to their medications. Not only will the drug lose its potency, but ingesting a heat-modified drug … Continue reading

Tips to Get the Most out of Your Thyroid Medications

Anytime you take in medication, you must maximize its benefits not only to save money but also to ensure your body is getting the treatment it needs. This is especially crucial for those taking thyroid medications since there are a lot of factors that affect the way it’s absorbed in the body. So to ensure … Continue reading

Things That Make Thyroid Medications Less Effective

You’re taking your thyroid medications religiously and follow the dosage instructions down to the tee. Then, why does it seem like your medications aren’t working as well as they should? If you’re in this kind of dilemma, here are common reasons that could explain why that’s happening. You took your meds with vitamin supplements Supplements … Continue reading