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Hypertensive-Friendly Exercises for Seniors


Seniors who are hypertensive should not be limited to a minimal movement that will not keep them active throughout the day. There are different exercises that can be performed even when they have health restrictions. With their doctor’s go signal, they can perform these exercises indoors or outdoors.

From our retail pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey, here are some hypertensive-friendly exercises:

Aerobic Exercises
Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises aim to keep cardiorespiratory health fit and get the heart pumping for better blood circulation. Aerobic exercises help bring in more oxygen intake for the body. Here are 3 examples of aerobic exercise:

  • Walking/Brisk Walking 
    This exercise alone helps seniors get a good amount of sunshine when they go for outdoor walks or brisk walking exercises to help with their blood circulation. Walks are essential for our bodies because our bodies are a lot like car machines – we too are built for use and can function better with good maintenance and the right care.
  • Biking 
    Being a low-impact exercise, biking frees up most of the body’s weight from being added onto the knees and legs since we are sitting down on the bike seat.
  • Swimming 
    Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise which uses both upper and lower body strength without the added pressure to our knees, compared to being on land and performing different exercises. But not all seniors may have quick access to a pool or beach, making this type of exercise rather hard to accomplish.

Strength Exercises
These types of exercises strengthen your muscles to help give you better joint health, balance, and strength to do daily activities.

  • Lifting Weights 
    Lifting dumbbells or 2 bottles of water helps condition the upper body and gives shoulders a wide range of motion to address back and shoulder pains by keeping the muscles flexible.
  • Resistance Training 
    Doing resistance training can help strengthen bones to prevent premature osteoporosis development.

Stretching Exercises 
These exercises can be done in a chair and require less physical activity since it aims to keep muscle stiffness away to make muscles more flexible.

  • Neck Stretching 
    This helps relieve neck pains and neck stiffness.
  • Ankle Rotation
    This exercise helps reduce the risk of missing a step by encouraging blood flow and flexibility.

Exercising helps lower the risk of injuries and improve the balance of seniors to keep them away from falls and slips. Strong muscles can make everyday activities easier to do. Having good nutrition and taking vitamins and supplements from our pharmacy are good ways to keep healthy.

Do you have hypertension? Try these exercises at home and get your prescribed medication at Hines Pharmacy.


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