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Here’s Why You Need to Get a Flu Shot

Fever, sore throat, runny nose, watery eyes, and an incessant cough – these are just among the few symptoms that make up one ailment that we’re all very familiar with; the flu.

Everyone has had it once in their life. You, included. And let’s be honest, no one likes getting sniffles. So, is there a way you can protect yourself from such a hindering condition?

Of course! That’s where having a flu shot comes in. And it won’t just protect you from the flu either. It also comes with other benefits:

  1. It can help you remain healthier. 

    The flu is one of the most common health conditions you’ll ever come across in your whole life. And because it’s rarely fatal, people are used to not really minding it. But just so you know, leaving a flu infection untreated can put your overall health in a pinch too.

    Avoid the risk that comes with it by powering up your immunity with the aid of a flu shot. You’ll have less of the inconvenience from having to take several flu pills, and you’ll be far more productive in the span of a year or so. Now that’s a lot of advantages packed in one nifty shot.

  2. It can prevent you from passing an infection to your family. 

    Do you recall a time when one of your family members got the flu and you ended up having it too? It’s really troublesome. Isn’t it? Well, getting a flu shot will save you from all that.

    A flu shot doesn’t just aim to protect you from infection, but it also gives umbrella immunity to the people you interact with every day. Aside from your immediate housemates, you also get to prevent the spread of an infection in your school, workplace, and even in the whole community.

  3. It can save you more money. 

    In a year, can you recall how many times you’ve had the flu? Once, thrice? Maybe a little more than that. The flu is a very infectious condition. If your immune system isn’t strong enough to fend off the viruses, a simple sneeze from a classmate, coworker, or even a stranger at the bus, can lead you to suffer an infection. And when you get hit with the flu, you end up missing work and/or school, leaving you with a smaller amount on your paycheck or missed lessons from class.

    But when you get a flu shot, a single dose will considerably decrease your chances of getting infected. Don’t waste time, it’s not too late to get your flu shot now. Call Hines Pharmacy to set an appointment.

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