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Five Things You Have to Know About CBD

Five Things You Have to Know About CBD

At our retail pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey, we want the members of our community to have all the medical options they can get to stay healthy and happy throughout the year. That’s why we offer CBD products.

But not a lot of people are willing to try CBD. They might believe in some misconceptions about this all-natural product. So here are the things you should know:

  1. CBD is not the same thing as marijuana.
    Some people refuse to use CBD because it comes from hemp, a plant that’s associated with marijuana. In reality, the two are not the same. CBD products do not share marijuana’s hallucinogenic and psychoactive properties.
  2. CBD products do not cause “highs.”
    The CBD products you can find in our pharmacy meet the legal requirement of only having less than 0.3% of THC, the component that causes highs. This means you won’t experience the typical signs of cannabis use when you use our products.
  3. CBD helps relieve anxiety and paranoia.
    You may have heard about celebrity Kim Kardashian using CBD to help her go to sleep. While current research doesn’t indicate its use as a sedative, it does have anti-psychotic properties that promote relaxation.
  4. It’s safe to use for children.
    While many states have age restrictions on the use of medical marijuana, CBD oil is generally safe for all ages. A nationwide study in 2015 even suggested the benefits CBD has for helping kids with treatment-resistant epilepsy manage their symptoms. Check with your pediatrician before using this for your kids.
  5. It doesn’t turn into THC in your stomach.
    A 2016 paper published in the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research journal raised some concerns about CBD being converted into THC upon digestion. But current studies show that only less than 3% of CBD dosage turns into THC, hardly enough to cause psychoactive or dangerous effects.

Don’t rely on rumors when it comes to your healthcare choices. We at Hines Pharmacy encourage you to talk to your doctor about using CBD today.

Feel free to check out our medical supplies in New Jersey to get your dosage!


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